UEFI Flash and HDD swap (21" OnDemand only)



In this guide we will take you through the steps of Flashing the UEFI (formerly known as BIOS) of the Wexer OnDemand.

Please note that this is only applicable to the 21" OnDemand (Model: K759-D86U), attempting to do this on any other device may result in damage to the system to which Wexer is not liable.



The Wexer 21" OnDemand run on the newer Windows 10 Enterprise edition which with the initial models of OnDemands had issues where touching the screen would register on the second monitor instead (essentially making it look like touch is not registering at all on Monitor 1).



  1. Power down the Wexer OnDemand, once completly shut down remove the power cable.
  2. Remove the I/O protection cover from the OnDemand. This is done by unscrewing the two Phillips screw from the bottom of the unit.
  3. When facing the OnDemand look behind the I/O Cover for a square HDD bay with a transparent snippet or puller, once you've found this rotate the plastic tab out of the way.
  4. Now grip the transparent snippet and give it a gentle but firm pull.
  5. Once ejected you'll see a HDD in the tray, remove this and save the tray for later.
  6. Insert a USB 2.0 Keyboard in the first USB 2.0 port (Black) on the Wexer OnDemand
    • Note: Some wireless keyboards may not work
  7. Insert the USB key supplied by Wexer in the second USB 2.0 port (Black) on the Wexer OnDemand
  8. Plug the power cable back in the OnDemand and press the power button (you should hear a small beep)
  9. (Optional) From the beep, please press F7 on the keyboard repeatedly until you are presented with a list of bootable devices, choose USB (using the arrow keys and press Enter)
  10. (Possible) Depending on your keyboard the Wexer OnDemand will ask you to choose a keyboard profile, simply do nothing and it will automatically choose one for you.
  11. Type the following: flash.bat or f.bat and press Enter
    • Tip: type in dir (followed by Enter) to see a list of files on the USB drive
  12. The OnDemand will now begin flashing, you can confirm this by the moving line at the bottom as well as the unit beeping at a set pace.
  13. Once complete power down the Wexer Ondemand and remove the power cable the USB stick and the USB keyboard
  14. Now take the HDD tray from earlier and add the HDD you recieved into it and reinsert the tray back into the computer.
    1. Make sure you push it all the way in so that the tray is flush with the panel.
    2. Make sure to twist the plastic lock back into locking-position.
  15. Plug the power cable back in the OnDemand and press the power button (you should hear a small beep)
  16. Your unit is now be successfully flashed and should boot up in the Wexer software
    1. Please note that if HDD was swapped, that the Wexer Ondemand will need to setup and update the entire system again as it's reset to factory settings.