Uploading own content for Virtual Players via the Partner Portal


Being able to add your own club or club chain's classes to your Virtual Players will help promote your studio instructors and bring more interest to the Virtual Player.


A few fundamental items that will support your use of own classes

  • Integrate your clubs' instructors within your Virtual calendar will allow your members to see people they recognise and drive interest.
  • Partner Portal video uploads can also be a tool to upload promotional commercial videos that you would like your members to see as a scheduled video in your studios.
  • Use when you have a new instructor joining the team, adding their pre-recorded classes to your Virtual calendar to promote them in club. 

See the step by step guide below

Once in your Partner Portal click CONTENT TITLES in the left hand side navigation panel, then the UPLOAD icon top right to bringing you to your computer drive to add your video.

  • Once you have started uploading your .mp4 video file or .mp3 audio file, you will be able to enter the content title's Metadata. The Metadata will comprise of class name, description, instructor, class category, class equipment, and other keyword searchable details.
  • Please select the the suitable option from the drop down menu and press save.
    • NOTE: There are certain OPTIONAL drop down menus that do not have to be utilized.
  • If you notice Incomplete in the top right corner just check you have all sections filled in and a start date for your class, this date can be set in the future
  • Also upload a 1920X1080PX .jpeg thumbnail/cover image and .mp4 trailer though neither are essential.
  • Press the SAVE button in the bottom right to "store" all the updated Metadata and file in the Partner Portal

  • Once you are ready to launch the class to your platform hit the PUBLISH button to release it to your users

  • The uploaded content title will take a minimum of 24 hours to propagate to your MyWexer portal.

To find your uploaded classes in MyWexer, once logged in;

  • go to Calendar 
  • Own classes, you'll see the uploaded classes in Red 
  • drag and drop as you would any other class into your schedule.