Uploading and using PDFs in your class collections

You have the ability to upload and add PDF documents to any collection in the Partner Portal for your web player and/or App.


To upload and add to a collection;

  • Once in your Partner Portal click Documents in the navigation panel
  • Top right click the ADD icon
  • Enter the Title you want the PDF to show as and a description
  • Under file click the words Select
    • this will bring you to your computer saved files

  • Choose the PDF you want to upload
  • Update the metadata
  • Check the Active box to make the PDF available, then Save


To add that PDF to the correct collection;

  • Click Collections in the navigation panel
    • choose the collection you want to add the PDF to
  • Then the words Manage Attachments
    • this will bring you to the list of PDFs you have uploaded
  • Chose the relevant PDF and it will be added to that collection

Your users will be able to see and download the PDF from the top of the relevant collection making it available to your users, you can of course add more PDFs to a collection if desired.