Partner Portal - Virtual Connect


To upload your own content to schedule, and to be available as OnDemand classes on your Virtual Players, follow these steps;

Open your Partner Portal

  • In the left side Navigation Panel click Content Titles
  • Top right click the UPLOAD icon
    • this will bring you to your own computers file
  • Upload the desired class
    • filmed in landscape orientation and an MP4 format
  • As the class is uploading you are able to add the necessary Meta Data
  • Click the class from the list
    • add meta data, free type and dropdown
      • you can check and, if needed change, the uploaded video 
    • upload a thumbnail/cover image
      • image size and format to be 1920 X 1080PX .jpeg
  • bottom right press Save, then Publish once you sure all the details are correct


To see and schedule your classes

  • Open your MyWexer Portal
  • In the left navigation panel click Virtual Class Library
    • then under Provider choose My Club from the Dropdown
    • you'll see the classes you've uploaded in the Partner Portal
      • Note - it might take up to 24 hours for the classes to show in MyWexer


To Schedule your classes

  • From the navigational panel chose Calendar
  • Click the head & shoulders, Own Content Icon
    • find the classes in that column, they will be the RED ones
  • Drag and Drop in the same way you would any other class
    • Note - the classes will also be available on the OnDemand Virtual Players for your users to chose as they want