MyWexer Password Reset


Should you need to reset your MyWexer Password or you've forgotten it, follow these steps;

To reset

  • On the Settings page of your MyWexer portal you'll find a space for your email address
    • As the image below
  • Ensure that email address is kept up to date as this is where your password reset email will be sent should you need it

If your password has been forgotten

  • Go to your MyWexer login page
    • Click Password reset
      • As the image below
    • The reset email will be sent to the email address in your MyWexer portal
  • Should you not get the email, the MyWexer Setting page information might not be correct
    • Please contact the technical support team via this link
    • They will then reset your password and update you with it
  • Once back in your MyWexer portal please ensure the email address is correct
    • Process as noted above, and reset your password