Video Troubleshooting Guide


Is your video signal lost, or has the video quality suddenly dropped or cut out? Please do the following tests to determine the issue and how to solve it.


If the TV/projector is not detecting any video signal from the player, it's typically caused by one of the following points:

  • The player has not been restarted after plugging in the video cable
    • Please attempt a restart of the player and check if you get a video signal on the external screen.
  • The cable is not connected correctly
    • Please check that the cables are correctly connected to both the player and the TV/projector.
  • The TV/projector is set to the wrong input
    • Please check the settings on your screen to ensure it's set to the correct input

  • The cable is too long and loses too much signal before reaching the TV/projector.
    • Please verify the cable is not longer than 5 meters. If the cable is longer than 5 meters, you will need to actively boost the signal or have a suitable, shielded cable.

  • The cable is not working
    • Please test with another known-good cable - this is an essential step as this is the issue more often than not.

Video wall particular instruction/test

  • The video wall controller is faulty
    • Please test the system with a known good monitor (Maybe one from the reception or any other from the center) and connect it directly to the Wexer Player; if this works flawlessly, please get in touch with your local AV technician to take a look at your Video Wall setup. 


If none of the tests solved your issue, please contact Wexer Technical support and report your test results - Report ticket.