Which Wexer Virtual Device Do I Have?


To be able to pinpoint an issue, it is important to know which part of the system is currently causing the problem. This article will provide a brief explanation of the different types of hardware that you may have.

Wexer Players

There are currently two types of Wexer players:

  • The OnDemand Player, 2 Major Generations (18.5" and 21.5")
  • The Basic Player, sometimes called Standard Player

The OnDemand Player is a 18.5" or 21.5" All In One Touchscreen PC.  It is a commercial-level product, meant to be wall mounted and accessed by members and users.  This Device is often called a "Kiosk", a "Player", a "Touchscreen", etc.  It is primarily used for storage and interface purposes for our virtual content libraries.

The Basic Player comes in multiple forms. The two most common devices are two small PCs (pictures below). The Basic Player is primarily meant to store and automatically play scheduled fitness content.  As there is no interface, and all content is played automatically, this device is typically 'hidden' in your wall, ceiling, or AV equipment closet.

7 x 10 x 2 inches (18 x 25 x 5 cm)


6.54 x 0.98 x 6.22 inches (16,6 x 2,5 x 15,8 cm)


Which One is Mine?

All Wexer hardware devices have a Player ID (PID) number.   It's how we know which exact device belongs to you, and how we can control and access it from afar.  It's always good to know your PID, which you can find by accessing MyWexer, asking your account manager, or asking our tech support team.