MyWexer: Instantly 'Publish' Your Calendar Updates

Asger Andersen
Asger Andersen
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So you've just made the perfect schedule for your members in your MyWexer portal and are eager to test it out, but your Wexer Player doesn't show any changes!

When doing any schedule changes, remember to publish your changes to the system using the "Publish" button (framed in green on the image below). This will ensure that all player(s) connected to this particular timetable will receive the updates merely seconds later.




Should it happen that your changes are still not taking effect, it could be that the real-time service on your system is out of order. Please get in touch with us by clicking the 'support' section on the lower left-hand side of this page if you believe that is the case, and we can quickly help you in determining the issue.

Also, be advised that the system needs time to download if new content has recently been released. Example: A typical class is 2 gigabytes in size. With an Internet download speed of 5 megabits per second, it would take approximately an hour to complete the download. The amount of time to complete downloads will vary with your current download speed. Please keep this in mind allow time between the publishing of the schedule and the first pre-scheduled play.




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