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General Connectivity
It is important to understand that Wexer devices need internet connectivity, and our service agreement requires that that this be provided.  It is also important to understand that generally our products cannot use WiFi, and must be hardwired.

This guide is for facilities and IT Departments that may need to manage their local area network traffic in specific ways - and will cover items such as Server & IP Addresses, Port Forwarding/Opening, etc.   It should generally not be used by those without a basic understanding of TCP/IP and Local or Wide Area Networks.

Wexer Product Connectivity

The Wexer system operates with up- and downloads to and from different servers and with varying file sizes. To ensure the optimal circumstances for the system to keep itself up-to-date, please make sure the following network settings are in place.

If you need any additional information, please submit a ticket to us by clicking here.

File- and web-servers
Please make sure that traffic is allowed both to and from the following servers. FTP-servers are operating on port 21 and web-servers are operating on port 80.

FTP-servers (content and software updates) - Port 21

  • / (US1 - Primary server)
  • / (EU1 - Primary server)

FTP- and web-servers (Software and schedule updates, statistics upload and miscellaneous system files download) - Port 21, 80 and 443

  • / or 
  • /

Web-servers (content and services) - Port 80, 443

  • *

  • *

  • *
  • *
  • (fallback: WHERE x = [a - e])

In addition to the regular web services mentioned above, the Wexer system utilizes two main services which are real-time communication and remote support via TeamViewer.

  • The real-time service is extremely lightweight text messages distributed via port 80 and 443. It allows for basic remote commands and schedule updates to be issued.
  • TeamViewer is our remote support tool and operates mainly via port 5938. Alternatively, ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL) are used for tunneling suffice port 5938 is not available. 
    More information

Please note! Wexer is not able to provide any remote support using other services than TeamViewer.

Additional settings
If applicable, please allow any firewalls and/or antivirus software to process files up to 6 GB in size. If the appropriate file size settings are not in place, it may cause a time-out loop each time a download is being retried.

Please also ensure (if used) to disable download filters or allow for .exe and .zip files to download through your firewall.

General network recommendations

Wexer always recommends not installing the Wexer virtual player within the sites regular LAN and instead would recommend to install it within an open DMZ zone.

Furthermore Wexer also recommends MAC address filtering certain network polices that you do not want applied to the entire LAN or DMZ.

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