Category Management - adding your own categories

To update, add to or change your own content categories and sub-categories please go to your Partner Portal platform. 

These categories can be in addition to the pre-set ones your mobile platform has if you have the Wexer Collection of classes.

Should you have just your own content you will already have categories created during the development of your mobile platform, for making changes and additions see the steps below to create and manage your own content categories;

Open your Partner Portal portal and click Media in the left navigation panel then Categories.

From here you will see the Category list you have already created with the title, description and if the category is published.

To add a new category and subcategory (if needed) click the top right Add button.


Once clicked the Add button you can enter the relevant metadata, title, description, and a .jpeg thumbnail of 500 x 500 size, please note only this size image can be uploaded.

If you have multiple language content as the image below shows, add the metadate in the relevant languages, then press Save, bottom right of the page.


Once saved you will be prompted to add a subcategory if desired and to click the Promoted box.

Once promoted and Saved your new category and, subcategory, if used, will be available on your mobile platform.

You also have the ability to reorder your categories on this page of the Partner Portal.