User report via the Partner Portal

Within the Partner Portal you are able to view and download user reports giving you insight of how your users are interreacting with your mobile planforms.

This report along with the class usage information you have from Localyitics and the data your Customer Success Manager share with you, gives give you a fully rounded picture allowing you to work on your marketing strategies should you find some usage gaps that needs addressing.

When you log into your Partner Portal you'll see Users at e bottom of the left side navigation panel, click that then User Report to get this list up on the screen.


As you can see there are filters to reorder the list and chose a particular subscription if you have them set up, and an Export button.

Once you have the filters as required clicking export will give you an CSV file to examine the data in as much detail as required for all your users.

Should you want to stay within the Partner Portal clicking a user name will give you their information, subscription, where they signed up, web player or app, the CRM used with your membership and if any discount code was used, along with a lot of other useful information regarding that particular user.