Choosing Brand Colours for Your Web Player & App Platforms

Creating a visually appealing user interface for your Wexer platform involves a careful selection of brand colours. These colours not only represent your brand identity but also influence your users experience.

During the set up of your platform there are three essential colour categories and their recommended selections are:


Primary Colour

The primary colour serves as the foundation of your brand palette, used for critical elements such as buttons, arrows, review stars, dates, times, and essential links like "Forgot password."

Striking the right balance between visibility and subtlety is key. Consider a colour that is neither too dark nor too pale to ensure readability and accessibility.

A shade that stands out without overwhelming the user interface is ideal. Please avoid using black, white and grey colours as the primary ones.



Secondary Colour

The secondary colour complements the primary hue and is typically applied to elements like toast system messages.

The image below shows example of this, one colour that changes when your cursor hovers over it. This shade should not be too pale to ensure sufficient contrast against backgrounds.

Aim for a colour that adds depth and visual interest without overshadowing the primary elements.



Accent Colour

The accent colour is utilized for hover effects and interactive elements. While it can be any colour, it should harmonize with the primary and secondary hues to maintain brand consistency.

Experiment with bold shades that catch the eye without clashing with the overall aesthetic.

The image below shows an example of SAVE button in grey, then once your curser hovers it turns a darker shard green.


Remember that the chosen colours should not only reflect your brand identity but also contribute to a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Select the colours carefully to ensure readability, accessibility, and visual harmony, and it will create a memorable and visually pleasing interface that resonates with your target audience.