Casting and mirroring


As Wexer’s web-player is an online service often access via smartphone or laptop, many users prefer to have the content display on a larger screen. For this reason, we see many users decide to “Mirror”, “Cast”, “Chromecast” or "AirPlay" the video to a larger screen like a TV.

There are many ways to cast a video to a larger screen, and these options have grown over the recent years.

Only two methods are supported to cast the web-player.  While it may work with other methods, you may experience issues with resolution, playback, etc.

Please review the below information on casting and mirroring:

1.  Google Chromecast - If you would like to use this method or can’t get it to work, you will need to review the Google Chromecast technical support HERE

2. Apple AirPlay - if you would like to use this method or can’t get it to work, you will need to review the Apple AirPlay technical support HERE

3. “Mirroring” through your TV’s firmware - although many late model TV’s such as Samsung and LG TVs have a way to ‘mirror’ what is on your phone, this is merely mirroring everything on your phone and is not actually taking the web-player functionality onto a television. Wexer does not recommend “mirroring” through these third party solutions as results will vary widely and issues cannot be supported.

Are your members still reporting an issue?

As we cannot engage with your members directly, we recommend first ensuring that they are attempting to use the service through a late model, fully updated, and approved device/method that meets our minimum requirements. If you’re sure of this and they’re still having problems, please gather the following info and raise a ticket.

  • Gym/Membership affiliation and geographic location of the user
  • Device Type (Laptop, Phone, Tablet, etc)
  • Software/OS Type (Windows 10, iOS, etc) & Version
  • Internet Browser being used, and version number
  • Other browser attempted if any
  • Do you have a screenshot or video of the issue?
  • What are the steps we can follow to replicate the issue?