General Shipping Information


All shipments from Wexer Virtual Fitness will ship from Denmark, via UPS 2 Day Air International. 

Generally your package will ship in less than 10 business days after we receive your payment, however there may be exceptions.  Ensuring that Wexer has your correct Address, Phone Number, and Customs Information is the best way of ensuring you receive your package as soon as possible.

Shipments will generally require a signature due to value, inquire with UPS for more info.  It is strongly recommended that you do not open the Wexer packages until the facility is ready for installation.

Product Specs:

Wexer Basic Players – 1 package, 7lb / 3kg – Computer, Power Cord
Wexer OnDemand Players – 2 packages, 22lbs/10kg; 7lbs/3kg – Computer, Power Supply; Wall Mount
Wexer Parts – Spare parts such as Power Supply Units, Hard Drives, Automation Adapters, or any other audio-visual components related to your order, packaged as needed.



Customs Regulations and Fees vary from country to country – you as the customer assume all responsibility for receiving your package from UPS along with any and all fees that are due at the time of delivery, to the address you provided to your sales representative at the time of order.   Your package may require forms to be filled out, may incur shipping, holding, import, and/or delivery fees to be paid, etc. before being delivered to you – Wexer can provide no information or assistance in these cases beyond tracking number updates. 

It is strongly recommended that you speak with your country's customs officials about requirements to import “a small touchscreen computer with parts and cables” from Denmark.  The below is just a rough, unofficial guide:


For countries that are part of the European Union, a VAT/Tax ID is not required and no additional fees are applied.  All other European Countries must provide their VAT/Tax ID and custom duties, fees and taxes will have to be paid.


Please note that all imports into the UK, since the UK exit of EU trading block, are subject to import duties and these may need to be paid before the item is delivered, UPS will act as the agent for these if that is the case on behalf of UK customs, please ensure that they are paid if required to ensure swift delivery.


You must provide a Valid US Tax ID #, usually from your business’ W-9 form.  Generally, there are no import fees.


An import license and registered address is required.  Wexer recommends that you utilize the services of a third party importer, who handles all requirements and receives the packages for you in exchange for a small fee.


Customers outside of the European Union region or United States region or Asia Pacific region these countries should expect to pay heavy customs duties, fees, and/or taxes in order to receive the shipment.  If these fees are refused, they will be deducted from any equipment refund later should you decide against receiving the package.  Wexer recommends that you utilize the services of a third-party importer, who handles all requirements and receives the packages for you in exchange for a small fee.