Minimum requirements

We are often asked to provide minimum requirements for access and usage of the web-player service. 

As the service is essentially internet-based streaming-media, the requirements for access and usage are similar to those of other popular streaming-media providers.

Generally, if you can access those services, you should have no issues accessing the web-player service, with a few caveats:


Device: It is always recommended to use late-model devices with up-to-date software installed. 

Older devices running current software is not recommended, and only Windows (desktops/laptops/tablets), Apple (desktops, MacBooks, tablets, smartphones), and Android (tablets/smartphones) devices should access the service.

Browser: Certain Internet Browsers are not supported by the service.

If you attempt to access the web-player service via one of these browsers you will see a warning screen pop up and advise you to download a supported browser. 

Wifi/connectivity: The service is fully dependent on working Internet, and requires a steady connection to maintain the stream.

Always ensure you have the best possible connection, without any firewalls or VPNs in place, and suitable bandwidth to stream high-definition content.

Report the problem: If you’ve followed the above steps and still can’t access or use the service, please gather and report the following details on a ticket:

  • Gym/Membership affiliation along with the geographic location of the user
  • Device type (Laptop, Phone, Tablet, etc)
  • Software/OS Type (Windows 10, iOS, etc) and version
  • Internet Browser being used, and version number
  • Other browser attempted if any
  • Do you have a screenshot or video of the issue?