Internal Server Error


Some web-player users may report seeing a red message stating “Internal Server Error” when they are trying to log in. In 95% of cases, this does not signify a problem with the service, but a problem with the user’s device or settings. 

Before we assume any issue with the service, we need the following steps to be tried:

1) Use a Different Internet Browser

Users should be using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari on Mac and iOS devices. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge* are not supported. Always use the most updated version of your chosen internet browser.

*The more recent Chromium-based Microsoft Edge released in February 2020 and available for manual free update should work fine with the WebPlayer Service, but earlier versions will not.

2) Use a Different Network

Often the issue may be with your current connection. If on WiFi, try a different network or switch to cellular. If on cellular, switch to WiFi. If available, try a hardwired connection.

3)  Check your Settings

Disable any VPN, proxies, ad-blockers, browser add-ons related to media streaming. Disable Incognito/Private mode, etc. If you are behind a corporate firewall, proxy, or VPN you may need to contact your local IT team to have your settings adjusted.

4) Update, restart, and try again

Sometimes a simple mistake can be the cause - please try all of the above items, then restart your device, check that your software is updated, and try again.

If you still have issues, and it’s affecting multiple members, please gather the following information and raise a ticket with us.

  • Gym/Membership affiliation and geographic location of the user
  • Device Type (Laptop, Phone, Tablet, etc)
  • Software/OS Type (Windows 10, iOS, etc) & Version
  • Internet Browser being used, and version number
  • Other browser attempted if any
  • Do you have a screenshot or video of the issue?
  • What are the steps we can follow to replicate the issue?