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Wexer Technical Support
Wexer Technical Support
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Stripe manages your Web Player customer database and enables you to:

  • Create mailing lists
  • Manage coupons and discounts
    • Remember to:
      • Always be sure your Coupon Name matched your Coupon ID
      • Never delete a coupon
  • Review subscriptions, pricing and trial status (and cancel subscriptions if you would like to limit a users' access)
    • Remember for Subscription Model Customers:
      • Subscription and trial changes need to be initiated through your Web Player first and so need to be submitted to our development team for work. In the future we hope to offer the ability to adjust via but it is not yet offered.
  • Create transaction emails (ex: receipts or payment confirmations)

The short tutorial videos below will walk you through each of these capabilities. Please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you have further questions.

Video Tutorials:

Stripe - Activation Only

Stripe - Branding Email Subscriptions

Stripe - Coupons

  • Coupon Tip Reminder:
    • Always be sure your Coupon Name matched your Coupon ID
    • Never delete a coupon

Stripe - Customers

Stripe - Subscriptions

  • Subscription Tip Reminder:
    • You can cancel a subscription at any time through Stripe in order to discontinue a users access to video play. The system will then prompt them to either:
      • Enter a new access Code if you are on the Coupon Code model
      • Select and purchase a new subscription if on the Subscription model

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