Free Access Code Model Overview

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Wexer Technical Support
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If you are a Web Player client operating with our Free Access Code (FAC) model, your users gain access to your site's classes by entering a pre-supplied coupon code upon sign up.

The coupon code is used to grant access to your members on the FAC model web player can have certain parameters against it:

  • Duration of coupon
  • Redeem by date
  • Redemption limit (ie. 200 potential redemptions = 200 potential users on that coupon)

If you place a limitation upon the duration, ex) 1 month free access coupon, then their access will be limited when the code expires, ie. they can still log in but they cannot watch content anymore.

Once that happens, the member/user can acquire a new code from your business and enter it within the account page to extend their access. If the member/user tries to play content when their access has expired, they will see a screen where they are prompted to enter a new code if they have it. (see sample images below)








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