Simulated Live On Web Player

Simulated Live is designed to give a ‘Feels Like Live’ experience but with the benefits of pre recording and scheduling the class to begin at the appropriate time. 


A few fundamental items that will support your use of Simulated Live: 

  • Simulated live personalises your Web Player with your star instructors pre-recorded classes, at home as well as in the club. 
  • Timetable these classes to run any time of the day without the concern of internet connectivity issues, (they are not streamed, so will always play when scheduled). 
  • Build habits and continuity for your members, whether in the club or at home. Replicating a live timetable experience. 
    • These classes are easy to upload, tag with the relevant information, equipment, exercise level and style.
    • The classes will be available to members to play on demand after the ‘live’ class has taken place.

Download the Training Guide for step by step guidance on how to use Simulated Live.