Collections Management - Featured and Class of the Day


This article will cover the different types of collections that can be managed via the Partner Portal:

  • Add/Manage Collection
  • Set “Featured” Collection
  • Add/Manage Class of the Day Collection

A Collection is a curated set of classes with a certain goal or focus that delivers a message to your users. The collection can be made of Wexer virtual content and your own content.
For Example: You may want to create a collection that will need to align with your in-house promotions. This will allow you to run messaging both for your in-club wellness program and your mobile platform. 

Please note:

  • A collection must contain at least 6 classes before you can activate it to be visible on a web-player

Add a new collection

In this section, we will cover the basics of creating a new collection.

1. Navigate to Partner Portal and login

2. From the left-hand menu, select Collections (1).




3. Click the Add + button in the upper right-hand section (2).



4. Give the collection a name (3) and a brief description (4) and click Save (5).




5. After this, you now have the option to Manage Classes (6).



6. On a new/empty collection, click the Add + button to add classes to the collection (7).



7. Clicking Manage Classes will take you to a list of all the available classes.

    1. Ticking the box for a class will mark the class as being added to the collection (8).
    2. Once the desired classes have been marked, you can click Add to collection (9).



8. To reduce the number of items on the list, use the filter option (10) and set the different filters (11) to limit the results.







9. When classes have been added to the collection, click back to the settings for the collection (12).




10. To activate the collection, tick the Active box on the settings page (13) and click Save (14).




11. When the collection is saved, it’ll show up on your web-player and there will also be a URL that links directly to the collection enabling you to use for your marketing campaigns (15).


Edit existing collection

Once a collection has been created, there are a few ways it can be edited.

1. To edit a collection, select it from the list of available collections by clicking the name of the collection.

2. When the collection is opened, there are two main options:

    1. If the collection is active, removing the “Active” flag (16) from the collection, thereby taking it out of rotation so won’t be seen on your web player.
    2. Manage the classes in the collection by clicking the Manage classes function (17). Here, it is also possible to reorder the sequence of the classes.



Reordering collection classes

In the Manage Classes menu, it is also possible to reorder the appearance of the classes in the collection. “Unlock“ the reorder function by clicking the Reorder button.




The left-hand symbol/function on each title element will now change to a double line symbol illustrating that the title can be moved.





When these lines are showing/active, each title element can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the list to change the order of the appearance.

When you wish to save the new order or cancel the operation, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click either Save or Cancel. Please note: if you have not made any changes to the order, only the Cancel button will be active.




Deleting a collection

To delete a collection, navigate to the list of available collections, tick the box(es) for the collection(s) that you wish to delete (18), and click the Delete collection button (19). Do consider if you want to delete a collection as you might want to use it again in the future. May making it unavailable, untick the Active button, it will be saved in your Partner Portal, but not seen in your web player.





Set a collection as “Featured”

Only one collection at a time can be marked as “Featured” And only “Active” collections can be set as “Featured“

To set a collection as “Featured”, navigate to the list of collections and mark the collection as “Featured“ by using the Featured toggle on the right-hand side of the list (20). Your featured collection will be the one seen on your home page, so the first collection seen.





Set a collection as Class of the Day

The Class of the Day collection will have the format of a regular collection in your Partner Portal and will be set using a toggle on the collection overview screen called “Class of the day“. On the day that the collection is set as Class of the Day, the first class in the list will play, and the web-player will go through the list of available classes to the end and then repeat the list from the top. Thus, giving your web player a new class on the home page every day keeping a fresh look and feel to your regular users.

To mark a collection as Class of the Day, go to the collections overview screen and toggle the collection that should be Class of the Day (21).