Live Streaming - Create and edit events

Live streaming is exactly that, teaching a class and live streaming it via your mobile platform.

When an event is planned for a day of the week, for example Tuesday at 14:30 / 2.30 pm, this placeholder will repeat weekly and appear as an upcoming class on the attached mobile platform.

Your instructor will initiate a stream from their preferred streaming device using the unique event stream key and will be live for the audience.

To start log in to your Partner Portal and enter your login credentials

Create a new event

The first step is to create a new event that will show up on our web-player as a live event. Please follow these steps below.

1. Click Schedule in the left menu (1).

2. Click Add + in the upper right section (2).




3. Enter the event details. These details will be the same for the event every week.

    1. Title: the title of the event (3).
    2. Description: a description for the event (4).
    3. Date: the first day the event will play and also the recurring day of the week the event will repeat. If the start date is set to Tuesday, March 30th, the event will play the first time on March 30th and then repeat every Tuesday until stopped (5).
    4. Time: the time of day the event will play (6).
    5. Thumbnail

4. Select the type for the event should be, Live type (8).

5. When the details have been entered, the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, will become active. Click Save (9) to generate a unique stream key for the event.

6. A new section will appear containing some important information (10).

    1. The stream key will appear where the blue rectangle is. This is unique to the event and should be given only to the instructor hosting the event.
    2. The stream URL is fixed and will be visible where the green rectangle is. It can also be copied from here: rtmps://

7. If you wish to save the recording afterward and make it available as OnDemand, toggle the setting Publish button. (11).

      1. If this setting is selected, the class metadata will need to be filled in as well.

8. When the event is ready to display on the associated web-player, set the event to Active (12).

9. If any changes have been made to the event, make sure to save it by clicking Save (9, 13).




Updating an event

To update an event, select it from the Scheduled Events overview. Now you can update any event details, similar to when you filled them out during the event creation. You can also change the Active/Inactive state if needed.

It is also possible to click the class metadata and update this.


Deleting an event

Deleting an event is an irreversible action! Proceed with caution!

1. Navigate to the Scheduled Events Next, select the event you wish to delete by ticking the box to the left of the event (14).

2. Once one or more events are selected, the Delete button (15) will be visible where the “+ Add“ button was before


3. Click the Delete button (15) and click Confirm (16) on the acknowledgement prompt to delete the event(s).