Collection Management - reordering your collections


A collection is a compilation of video and/or audio content that helps create a theme for your users to easily find content. Creating different collections will help you drive your content message to users to enhance their experience in the platform.

Once created you can reorder your collections to ensure the ones you want are front and centre. You may want to have different collections as your Class Of The Day or Featured ones to assist any promotions you are running. Those, and all your other collections, can be reordered to make your platform even more relevant to your users.




Once in your Partner Portal click Collections on the left navigation panel then, top right, click reorder. You will see the 3 lines to the left side of the collection list, just click, hold and drag the collection via those 3 lines to where you want it to be.

The green blob by the Class of the Day collection will always be the top collection on your logged in page. This collection will automatically show a different classes every day, you can find more information HERE regarding the Class of the Day collection.

The green blob by the Featured collection will always be the collection shown at the bottom of your logged in page. The featured collection need not be called Featured, you can rename and add you own collections description, find out more HERE.

Once you have reordered your collections press save and the changes will be immediate on your Web Player platform.