Localytics, an overview



Localytics provides your view into your Mobile Platform usage data after your site has gone live. Log in and review your dashboard to understand your user activity and sign up for automatic reporting. Each of our clients has a different product and execution strategy, so review the below to see what your Dashboard will look like once set up. We've also included below an example of the Funnels Feature in Localytics as an example of how you can deep dive into the data.

To gain a better understanding of how to interpret your data for your execution and user base needs please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for guidance on your particular data.

When you first sign in to Localytics you'll need to find your Dashboard. To do this click the 3 dots bottom left corner of the navigation panel and select Dashboards. Image below:


Your Dashboard will have been created for you using the best practice data we have gleaned over the years. You will see the usage details of your own uploaded content, the Wexer Collection classes along with any Coupon Codes you are using to see how they are being used. You will also be able to view how many active users you have and how many are looking but haven't as yet logged in. All the information within your Localytics Dashboard will help you to aim your marketing campaigns in the right direction.

On any of the pre-set Data Information Blocks, you can click the 'View' button to gain more information regarding that particular Data Block.

Along with many features Localyics offer, the Funnels feature is one worth exploring. The image below shows Funnels being used to see how many users over a certain time period, in this case, 17th June to 17th July, have watched an entire class and started a second one during the one time they are logged into the web player.

With this information, you know that your users are engaging with your web player. There are many other Funnels that can be explored, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to find out more.