Add Hyperlinks to your class description

You can add a hyperlink to a class description for both on demand and scheduled classes within your mobile library.

You might want to promote a studio instructor or personal trainer by adding a link the their web page, you might want to add a link to your company web site bringing your users to more information about that instructor/trainer. You might even want to add a link to a class description that is relevant for an event you're running. 

To add a hyperlink follow these steps;

  • Open your Partner Portal
  • Left navigation panel click the words Content title
  • Choose the class you want to add the link to
  • Once you have the class information open click the hyperlink icon in the class description header
    • This will open the pop-up
  • Enter the name you want your users to see for the hyperlink
  • Add the URL & click OK to close the pop-up
  • Then bottom right, click Publish


Follow the same process for a scheduled class

  • Left hand navigation panel click the words Schedule
  • Choose the class you want to add the hyperlink too
  • Click to add your own manual class description
  • Click the hyperlink icon
  • Follow the same steps as above in the pop-up

To see how your hyperlink looks on your mobile platform, open your web player, find the class and you'll see the link with in the class description