Audio Uploads


You can upload audio only files, .mp3's to the Partner Portal allowing your users to listen to music or guidance without having to watch a video.

To upload an audio file the steps are the same as uploading a video;

  • Open your Partner Portal click Content title in the left navigation panel
  • Then top right click the UPLOAD icon
    • This will bring you to your computers file, choose the relevant audio file
      • When the file is uploaded click into it
        • Enter the metadata
          • Audio file name, description and all the necessary dropdowns
          • Upload a cover image, be sure to use .jpeg format with the size on 1920 x 1080
  • Once saved you'll see the list of content titles state you have an audio file
  • When you open your web player page you'll see the file is clearly marked as an audio file for your users

    They can also find all audio files available using the Global Search function