In App push notifications using Localyitics

Open your Localytics Dashboard find Messaging in the left navigation panel, if you have more than one Localytics Dashboard double check you are in the correct App for messaging. You will need to repeat the same process for both iOS and Android when setting up your notification.

Click the top right plus + sign button in the top right corner and select the type of notification, choose either push or in app. The screens that follow are the same should you chose push or in app, for this article we have used push.



Next, label the topic of your message and select Activate then choose the event to measure the goal dropdown, this could be OnDemand Classes classes started, performed, user User Login etc, then continue to Audiences, then Creatives .


 from Audiences click Creatives .


Enter the internal name you want to use for this notification, then add the Title as will show on the notification and add a subtitle is desired. Enter the Message to be seen by your users. At this point you can also add an image, toggle on Add Rich Media Content and add your image there, also add a Deep Link to what you are promoting, class, collection, product etc. Note the right side of the screen, it will show how your notification will look in your App. Once happy all is as you require click Go To Scheduling.


As you can see this screen you can choose either choose a One Time notification or a Recuring notification. One time you can send immediately, schedule or personalise , recurring could be used as a monthly reminder for anything you want to promote.

If you are using the schedule there is a Schedule Summary to complete and review at the bottom of the page ensuring you have all the details correctly added. Lastly click Continue and Confirm and your notification will be sent. As noted at the start of this article, you will need to repeat this process for both iOS and Android Apps.