Closed Captions for your mobile platform


Closed captions allows you to upload Video Text Track (VTT formatted files) to your content via the Partner Portal.

This not only enhance accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users, research shows that closed captions can increase watch time by up to 40% on streaming platforms.

To upload your file to your content follow these easy steps;

  • Open your Partner Portal, click Media then Library, this will show you your own uploaded content.
  • Chose the content you want to add the VTT file to.
  • Click Mange to bring you to the upload screen.



Now you have your chosen content open bottom right you will see Caption Tracks (Optional)

  • Click the plus + sign top right
  • Add your VTT title
    • if languages are available on your platform use the dropdown to chose the correct one
  • Then just upload your file
  • Lastly press Save